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Five crucial things to let go of NOW.. hit the ground running and to make the best of the New Year.

The New Year is still young. You might have made great New Year's resolutions, hit the gym a little more regularly, and are now either falling back into your old, comfortable ways or are completely set on your new and exciting habits! In either case, I hope you are finding time to purge and to let go of things and circumstances that don't serve you anymore. Sometimes it's the things we are the most familiar and comfortable with that hold us back in our growth and that we need to shed. Sometimes we are simply afraid of the empty spaces that purging those items, relationships or circumstances creates. But they won’t stay empty for long. How about we fill those with new, empowering and exciting experiences and connections? Here is a list of 5 crucial things to let go of NOW to hit the ground running and to make the best of the New Year: 1) Any and all disempowering thoughts and beliefs.

Know that you are whole, complete and perfect and that your soul is divine and eternal and chose to be here for a reason. What you believe in will manifest. Many spiritual teachers have said this and it’s the truth. Simply start your own little experiment. For the next week (or the next month) observe your thoughts. Purge the negative ones immediately, and replace them with positive ones. And see how your life unfolds in a much more positive way. 2) Fear of the unknown.

Have faith, take a risk and grow! Fear of the unknown is a survival instinct that came in handy for early humans when they still lived in caves. They had to constantly be on the lookout for snakes, saber-tooth tigers and potentially hostile tribes. Exploring and getting injured or lost could mean certain death in those days. In our modern society, most of the time, our fears are unfounded and are simply remnants of early human DNA which hasn’t kept up with modern living.

3) Regrets, guilt, shame and worry.

What's done is done. Own it, learn from it, forgive yourself and move on.

4) Blaming other people or circumstances.

Be willing to own your mistakes. Be responsible for your own life. Clean up any messes you’ve made with other people. Forgive yourself and others. 5) FOMO (fear of missing out).

Everyone else isn’t happier and more successful than you (even if it looks like it on social media). It's an illusion. Be happy on your journey and know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. And maybe frequent social media a little less often. The new year is a great time for a symbolic letting go ritual in your backyard or in nature/at the beach. On a sheet of paper, write down everything you'd like to let go of, and then burn the paper. If you are absolutely convinced that you need to hold on to something that you know in your soul doesn't serve you anymore: call your life coach. Both will be happy to help you let go and transform any stuck energy into something more useful that will better serve you and your life.

To a happy, healthy and successful New Year!


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