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Leaving behind archaic systems,
one naturally healed being at a time. 

The Mission:

Empowering women to take back their power, their health and their lives by leaving behind archaic medical systems and learning to detoxify and heal themselves from chronic illness symptoms. 


Reviving the "lost art" of female intuition and knowing what we need to heal - versus putting our hopes on an outdated medical system that has no cures, only pharmaceuticals. 


Establishing healthier systems that will eventually heal our communities, the environment, and our planet. 

If you're on this page, you're probably dealing with some kind of chronic and seemingly “incurable” illness (“incurable” according to your doctors). 


Maybe you’ve been going to doctors for a long time. You’ve been told “There is no known cure for your illness.” “You will have to live with this for the rest of your life.” “Here are your medications. Don’t forget to take them.”


Or maybe you’re newly diagnosed with the name of a scary disease and are still trying to wrap your head around the diagnosis.

Doctors and specialists have possibly told you that your body is “attacking itself”. But beyond that, you’re getting hardly any explanations from them as to what’s CAUSING your symptoms, and what you can DO about them. 

I really get it. You tried everything, spent all this time and money, missed work and family time (or you’re forcing yourself to go to work and social events), you’ve already seen every specialist in your state, and you’re still sick. And no one has any real answers for you. 


All this is so sad and frustrating!

I’ve been there. I experienced all of this! 

The medical industry has failed us. They don't know what CAUSES most of our chronic illnesses, and they don't help us overcome them.

SO many women (and men) have suffered from chronic health issues for years and are not getting the help they need - only medications to mask or suppress the symptoms. But pharmaceuticals don't heal and they add on to the underlying problem of toxicity and acidity.

We're on a mission to help as many women as possible to heal from their seemingly "incurable" illnesses, naturally with nutrition and herbal medicine.


When women are healthy and empowered, they disrupt systems and heal communities. We want to contribute to progressive systems to create and support true health and equality for all sentient beings, the environment, and our planet.

Herbal medicine
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