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Iris map

Iridology is a valid method to determine the state of health of one’s organs and body systems by assessing specific colors, markings and signs in the irises of the eyes as well as in the pupils and the sclera (the white around the irises).


Iridologists can see genetic predispositions, hormonal changes, old injuries, inflammation, acidity and toxicity.


We can determine stages of tissue change (acute, subacute or pre-chronic, chronic, degenerate and irreversible conditions).

In Iridology we apply holistic health. We view the body as a whole rather than only as specific parts. Our cells, organs and body systems interact together, not separately. When one organ is not functioning well, the whole body is affected.


Iridology generally reveals the state of the organs and body systems but not any particular disease. While specialized modern medicine often focuses on a specific area and the root of the problem remains, Iridologists view the body holistically - they don't treat just a symptom - and tackle the root of the problem.

Iridology explained

iridology, iris map, organ health
Iridologists use iris maps like this one to determine changes in organ health.

Schedule a call to learn about the health of your organs and body systems! 

No more inflammation and chronic pain.

“Only one word to describe my Iridology reading with Ms. Lang ... AMAZING! When I went in for my iris reading, I wasn't sure how much was going to be exposed. Let me tell you! Wow! Ms. Lang told me exactly how I was feeling that day. I was having inflammation, aches and pains. I had glaucoma in my left eye, which a retina specialist had diagnosed me with. Ms. Lang could see it all, through my eyes! She assessed me with a "genetic hormonal iris". My primary care doctor had diagnosed me with a hormonal imbalance about two years before.

Both my optometrist and my physician never showed me or wanted to discuss diet, nor what I could do to improve my wellbeing. They would say "We don't know the underlying cause." 

Ms. Lang will not only give you an eye-opening experience, she will teach and guide you through. I've changed my diet, I practice my Yoga and take herbal formulas and teas. I feel like I’m 20 again! Ten times better! I don't have inflammation anymore taking over my body and preventing me from moving and living an active life." 

- Yesenia Z. 

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