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Helping women to determine the underlying root causes of their seemingly “incurable” illness (fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, autoimmune or "mystery" illness), and guiding them to
detoxify and heal themselves so they can start living again
without pain, fatigue and pharmaceuticals!


As a certified Regenerative Detoxification specialist and Iridologist with twelve years in scientific research, I will help you to GET TO THE BOTTOM of your autoimmune or "mystery illness" (lupus, fibromyalgia, thyroid issues..)

I will  guide you to detoxify and cleanse your organs and body systems from the underlying root causes so your tissues can regenerate, and you can finally heal. 

A few years ago I was experiencing debilitating lupus, fibromyalgia and Hashimoto's symptoms (I had chronic fatigue, brain fog, constant pain all over my body, muscle weakness (I could barely walk), hair loss, mood swings, heart palpitations, and unexplained weight gain).


healed myself completely - I have no more symptoms - and I will teach YOU how you can detoxify yourself on all levels (mind, body and emotions) as well - which will allow you to heal and take back your life!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I work remotely and I look forward to speaking with you 💕

Corry Lang

Regenerative Detoxification

Nutritional Therapy 

Emotional Health


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Certified Iridologist Certificate Cory L
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Corry's skills as a Health Coach have earned her recognition by the 
Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.

200% improvement in energy and pain levels (after having lupus for 40 years)

Susan Rehling - Retired Systems Analyst

"Huge change! Feeling like my old
self again!"

Magda Dunn - Certified Online Business Manager

Schedule your consult and a
FREE preliminary iris reading


As a certified Regenerative Detoxification specialist and Iridologist, I will read your iris pictures and help you to get to the bottom of your health issues. The iris of the eye is a map where each place represents a different organ or body system. We can see hormonal changes, old injuries and the overall state of your health - and begin to tackle the ROOT of the problem.

Kidney disease stage III reversed. No more eczema, diverticulitis and acid reflux.

"When I started working with Corry, I had just been diagnosed with kidney disease stage III. My kidneys weren’t functioning very well. I was worried about dialysis. And after dialysis there may be a kidney transplant. But that isn’t a concern for me anymore now.

I didn’t have a lot of energy and I was in pain. I used to get tired from doing yoga, or from walking. I have a lot more energy now. I can exercise and not feel tired.

I don't have any more eczema, acid reflux and diverticulitis. Since I was a child, I had irritable bowel disease. I always had to know where the nearest restroom was in case I really had to go. All that has stopped now.

I've had high blood pressure since I was in my forties. That has changed too since I started working with Corry. My husband said that the transformation has been amazing because I'm so much happier. I'm smiling more. My whole demeanor has improved. I've got new hair growth and my nails are in better condition. And I have lost about 17 pounds. My husband wants to detox now too. I would recommend to anyone that they work with Corry." 

- Trish Y., Real Estate Agent

No more high blood pressure, low energy, heart palpitations

and high toxicity.

My blood pressure was really high, I had no energy, was feeling bloated, was experiencing heart palpitations and feeling crappy overall. After only a couple of weeks of nutritional therapy and regenerative detox with Corry I have lost 6 healthy pounds, my blood pressure has come down, and my gut feels and looks flatter. I have more energy and my skin looks better too. I feel so much better. 

I have placed a lot on Ms. Lang's plate as I have A LOT of health issues, but she has proven that anything is possible. This coach sure knows her stuff!! What a talented, inspirational and intelligent woman. I am so grateful to have her in my life and how she just genuinely cares."  

  - Lydia G., Office Manager

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Yoga and

Gentle, invigorating and strengthening Hatha-Vinyasa yoga for all levels. 

Cleansing Chakra meditations.

Private and group classes. International Yoga Retreats.

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Book Release! 

Ms Lang provides a how-to guide for creating Heaven on Earth by incorporating her Ten Principles into an easy-to-read novella. Closer to Heaven is worth years of therapy.”

~Thomas Flanagan, M.D., Psychiatrist, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCSD

"Closer to Heaven" (Ten Principles to grow your Wings and create Heaven on Earth) is a fictional story, based on ten Yogic, Buddhist and Life Coaching principles. A delightful and enchanting tale, told with heart and humor, about a friendship and a journey that inspires a human to step up and transform his life - and about a fallen angel earning his wings.

This book is about rediscovering life’s larger meaning, true purpose, and the path to real happiness.


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