Authentic Life through Detoxification and Regeneration
on all levels (mind, body and emotions)

Since 2007, I have been passionately teaching clients to reliably remove emotional and subconscious blocks in all areas of their lives through life and emotional health coaching. As a certified nutritional, regenerative detox specialist and iridologist I will help you to detoxify, cleanse and regenerate your organs and body systems which often improves mental and emotional health as well.  

We will work together closely to embody an AUTHENTIC LIFE. I will teach you to liberate yourself from toxic baggage in your mind, body and emotions which will give you the space to regenerate, heal and create. The results are improved health on all levels and advanced personal success including your relationships, finances and authentic purpose.

​Enjoy your tour of my website and please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about creating a more powerful, healthy and purposeful life for yourself. I look forward to speaking with you and having the honor of working with you.

Corry Lang

Life & Emotional Health Coach

Nutritional Therapy & Iridology

Yoga and Meditation

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 (858) 205-2633

Book Release! 
"Closer to Heaven" (Ten Principles to grow your Wings and create Heaven on Earth) is a 170-page fictional story, based on ten Yogic, Buddhist and Life Coaching principles. A delightful and enchanting tale, told with heart and humor, about a friendship and a journey that inspires a human to step up and transform his life - and about a fallen angel earning his wings.

This book is about rediscovering life’s larger meaning, true purpose, and the path to real happiness.

“Ms Lang provides a how-to guide for Creating Heaven on Earth by incorporating her Ten Principles into an easy-to read novella.

Closer to Heaven is worth years of therapy.”

~Thomas Flanagan, M.D., Psychiatrist, Associate Clinical

Professor of Psychiatry, UCSD

A gift from me
Free Book

I developed a hands-on, practical and highly effective coaching system that leads to actionable results. I will help you to complete the past, transform your emotions and subconscious blocks, and to powerfully move forward in your life. 

Yoga and

Gentle, invigorating and strengthening Hatha-Vinyasa yoga for all levels. 

Cleansing Chakra meditations.

Private and group classes. 


60-minute Hatha-Vinyasa flow via Zoom. Saturdays at 9am PST  

Donation based. 

As a certified Iridologist and Regenerative Detox Specialist, I will teach you the real reason you experience physical or mental/ emotional symptoms and help you to eliminate the root cause through nutritional and herbal detoxification and regeneration.

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"In just three coaching sessions, Corry helped me build my confidence and take charge of my life. She is nurturing, caring and firm. She has a way about her that makes you feel safe and comfortable instantly, and I found myself able to open up to her and tell her things that I hadn’t told anyone else. Thanks to Corry’s amazing skills, I feel empowered and I know now that I am on the right path. My future has never looked so BRIGHT!"

~ Jenn C., Carlsbad