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We can heal our chronic illnesses naturally and create a better world doing so. Using naturopathy, powerful herbal remedies and biologically appropriate foods instead of pharmaceuticals, and living the way we were designed to live.

Let me be your guide and teach you how you can detoxify and heal yourself as well!

Corry Lang Encinitas, Detoxify to Heal

Helping women to determine the underlying root causes of their seemingly “incurable”
illness (fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, "autoimmune" or "mystery" illness),
and guiding them to detoxify and heal themselves so they can
start living again without pain, fatigue and pharmaceuticals!

In Our Programs We:



Determine the underlying root causes in a scientific, measurable way.



Utilize powerful herbal protocols and a customized nutrition plan.



Detoxify, regenerate and heal!

Corry Lang Regenerative Detoxification

As a certified Regenerative Detoxification specialist and Iridologist with a background in scientific research, nutrition and herbal medicine - who has healed herself of debilitating lupus, fibromyalgia and Hashimoto's symptoms -

I will help you get to the bottom of what's MAKING you sick, in a scientific, measurable way.

We will work on detoxifying and cleansing your organs and body systems from the underlying root causes of your "autoimmune" or “mystery illness” (lupus, fibromyalgia, thyroid issues ...) - which will allow your cells, tissues and organs to regenerate and heal.

Women are either getting little information and no solutions from their healthcare providers, or a lot of unreliable information about their symptoms on the internet. We provide clear, accurate health information and support you on your healing journey with customized herbal remedies and a strategic detoxification road map based on integrative, evidence based natural medicine.

True healing takes place on all levels (body, mind and emotions). As a trained life and emotional health coach I will help you to increase your confidence, your self-worth and your intuition, and to create empowering belief systems that support your healing and your growth on all levels. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I work remotely and I look forward to speaking with you 💕

Corry Lang

Regenerative Detoxification

Nutritional Therapy 

Emotional Health


What Our Clients Are Saying

No more pain, fatigue and anxiety.

"Before I started working with Corry, I was struggling with pain, severe chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, daily migraines, weight gain and hair loss.

My health has improved drastically. No more migraines, no more pain, I’ve lost 20 lbs and am back to normal energy levels. My anxiety has completely calmed down as well.

There are no medications that would have made this possible."

- Sarah I.

Yoga and Meditation

Gentle, invigorating and strengthening Hatha-Vinyasa yoga for all levels. 

Cleansing Chakra meditations.

Private and group classes.

Yoga, Corry Lang

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Book Release! 
“Ms Lang provides a how-to guide for creating Heaven on Earth by incorporating her Ten Principles into an easy-to-read novella. Closer to Heaven is worth years of therapy.”

~Thomas Flanagan, M.D., Psychiatrist. Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

"Closer to Heaven - Ten Principles to grow your Wings and create Heaven on Earth is a fictional story, based on ten Yogic, Buddhist and Life Coaching principles. A delightful and enchanting tale, told with heart and humor, about a friendship and a journey that inspires a human to step up and transform his life - and about a fallen angel earning his wings.

This book is about rediscovering life’s larger meaning, true purpose, and the path to real happiness."

FDA-disclaimer: I'm not a doctor and the herbal formulas and/or any of my services are not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease". The intention of my detoxification programs is to educate and guide you to start healing yourself. 

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