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  • What sets you apart from other practitioners?
    First of all, I healed myself from debilitating, chronic and autoimmune illnesses. At my worst I could barely walk, let alone work, due to muscle weakness and chronic fatigue. I was in constant pain all the time. So I absolutely know what chronic illness feels like, and the hopelessness that comes with it from seeing too many doctors and getting too little actual help (or answers). In my programs, I'm drawing from my own healing journey and my background in biological research, regenerative detoxification, herbal medicine and iridology, and having worked and studied with three doctors (two Naturopaths and an Osteopathic doctor/ MD). I try to bridge the gap between science and alternative healing methods because both offer huge value! We get to the bottom of what's MAKING you sick in a measurable, scientific way. And we apply "alternative" healing methods like regenerative detoxification and herbal medicine to detoxify from those underlying root causes. By listening to your every concern, on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), we compassionately customize each program to each client's individual needs so that true healing can take place on all levels.
  • Do I need to come see you in person or do you work remotely?
    I work entirely remotely with clients all over the world. For your iris readings, I will need decent pictures (good resolution) of both your irises. I will send you iris picture tutorials that explain very well how to take good pictures yourself. All our sessions take place on Zoom and over the phone.
  • Will I have to give up certain foods or drinks?
    In our detoxification programs, we take a gentle approach at changing your current diet to a more biologically appropriate, anti-inflammatory and alkaline diet so you are able to fully detoxify from what's making you sick and your cells, tissues and organs have a chance to finally heal. However, if you really, absolutely can't live without your poison of choice, we will work around it - until you realize that you're ready to maybe let it go for the duration of our program, and that you actually feel a lot better without it! 😊
  • Will you provide me with a meal plan? Can my family participate?
    Yes, we will send you a meal plan and healthy recipes, as well as a suggested timeline for a "typical day" that's easy to follow and highly customizable. As soon as we have established your "typical day" (the timeline for your herbs, meals and smoothies), you will basically be on autopilot with your food prep and grocery shopping. In other words: it will be very easy and in most cases, the family/ partner will want to eat what you eat when they see you feeling healthier and losing weight.
  • What kinds of herbs will I be taking? Where will I get them?
    The herbal remedies we work with come from Dr. Morse. I have found his products to be the most effective (and affordable), plus these are all organic and/ or wild crafted botanical remedies with no fillers. Just Nature's best, with an incredible healing power to break up the toxins and flush out pathogens, heavy metals, parasites and chemicals. We occasionally recommend additional supplements (plant based, not isolates made in a lab). We'll provide you with ordering links for the herbal remedies, and the additional supplements we recommend (or you can buy your own supplements if they are of a comparable quality). We also review what you're already taking and include those products in your program, if applicable.
  • How much work is this going to be? I'm very busy.
    All our programs are designed with the busy working Mom in mind. You will take herbal remedies twice a day, and otherwise follow a structured meal plan which is highly customizable so it will work exactly for your unique situation. You will be able to prepare food for yourself and your family at the same time (and it will be similar food - or maybe they feel inspired to do your detox with you, that has happened more than once!) We tried to make this easy, even for extremely busy, or extremely sick people.
  • Can I still take my medications during my detoxification program?
    Yes and we absolutely encourage you to include your medical professional in your program, and to keep going to your appointments. The overall goal is to detoxify you enough so that you can start to taper off your medications. However, we do not recommend you do that "cold turkey" or without consulting your doctor. In your program, you will take your medications and then your herbal remedies (about 2 hours later so there is no interference). The herbal remedies do not interfere with the pharmaceuticals. But the pharmaceuticals sometimes interfere with the herbal remedies.
  • I'm not really sick. Do you have a program for a preventative detox? Or for just weight loss?
    Yes we do! Our shorter, 6-week detoxification program is designed to cleanse your organs and body systems from chemicals, acids, heavy metals, parasites and toxins even if you don't have noticeable illness symptoms - which may prevent serious illness in the future. We ingest and inhale toxins consistently from multiple sources, including food packaging, plastics, exhausts, building materials, carpets, make-up.. and we recommend a thorough detox once a year - even if we have no noticeable illness symptoms. The weight loss detox program is also 6 weeks long because it takes about 40 days to really establish a new habit (the habit of healthy, nutritious, biologically appropriate, anti-inflammatory eating :) During all our programs we look at emotional factors that may have caused you to create unhealthy habits, and teach you how to release them and create new, empowering habits in their place.
  • Do you take insurance?
    At this time, my services are modalities that are not covered by health insurance.
  • What happens after our program ends?
    By the end of our 3-month or 6-month program, you will have a new understanding of how true healing on all levels really works. I am committed to teaching you to become your own healer. However, if you think you still need my support, you are welcome to enroll in a monthly, customizable maintenance program.
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