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"Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
~ George Bernard Shaw


Hi, my name is Corry Lang and I am the founder of Authentic Life. I studied biology and biological sciences in Germany and went on to work in scientific research labs for neurobiology, biochemistry and cancer research for 12 years.

     In 2001 a person close to me attempted suicide. It was a real wakeup call for me because that person had only recently started struggling with depression and was under medical supervision. Her depression started when she got transferred to a new department at work where she was feeling out of place and unfulfilled.

     At that same time, I myself was feeling unfulfilled in my career, often to the point of “depression”. I wasn’t making the difference I wanted to make and felt I had chosen the wrong career path. I knew in my heart that I didn’t want to numb my experience with pharmaceuticals but I needed to find a way out. At that time I wasn’t confident enough to leave my field and stable research job, and to look for my true purpose and a place where I could truly make a difference. I started wondering if I too would get so miserable that I needed to be on anti-depressants and would still try to end my own life. I decided for a radical change of scenery and moved from Munich in Germany to San Diego in California in 2002.

     Living in a foreign country and exploring Southern California, its beaches and going surfing almost daily came as close to following my dreams as I could imagine, but I soon started feeling unfulfilled again. I was working in research labs where I felt we were putting the cart before the horse, and I intuitively knew that there was another solution to the big “diseases of civilization” (cancer, heart-disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, depression, Alzheimer’s, ..). What if we didn’t even GET sick? How much money, pain and resources could we save if we knew how to PREVENT disease? If we would LISTEN to our bodies?

     I took the Landmark Forum in 2004 which finally gave me the insight and courage to be true to myself, to listen to my intuition and to follow my passions. I decided to leave the research for new “cures” (which means new treatments, factory line medicine) and to work in disease prevention instead. I worked for an osteopathic doctor and at an organic farm, learning about herbal and nutritional healing and the connection between the lack of essential nutrients, chronic inflammation and dis-ease. I enrolled in intense life coaching programs for 3 years and after 4 more years of training I started Authentic Life (previously: Authentic Health and Success) in 2011.

     Based on first hand observations and the research I have done since 2001, I believe strongly that there is a connection between a disempowered mind (negative belief systems), and physical or mental disease. “Dis-ease” (the body or mind is not at ease, not balanced) first appears on the mental and psycho-emotional levels, long before there are any physical symptoms. Self-sabotaging habits and a non-supportive life style – poor quality foods/the “Standard American diet”, toxicity and not enough detoxification (toxins from poor quality/GMO foods, pesticides and other chemicals in our living spaces and the environment), lack of exercise, lack of meaningful relationships, suppressed emotions, negative thinking, and lack of connectedness with “Source” and one’s higher Self – are some of the poor life-style choices that lead to imbalances in the body and oxidative stress in our cells and can cause disease. Self-sabotaging and self-destructive habits start in the mind. Our minds can and do literally make us sick!


     I strive to empower others to fulfill their dreams and to live a created life that they love, free of fear, depression and negative belief systems, and filled with power, health and true purpose. It is my greatest passion and joy to help others reach their goals and dreams, and to be of service to humanity.

To your Authentic Life!
Corry Lang 


Mom and I in Germany.

Closer to Heaven - a fictional story based on ten Yogic, Buddhist and Life Coaching principles. An entertaining and enlightening read, available here.
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