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Hi, I'm Corry

This is how I healed myself
from multiple chronic illnesses - 
and I can show you how!

For most of my life, I lived an active, healthy lifestyle. I studied biology and biological sciences in Germany and worked in scientific research institutes for neurobiology, proteomics and cancer research for twelve years, both in Germany and the United States. 

The whole time I felt we were putting the cart before the horse. I always believed that there was another solution to the big “diseases of civilization”. What if we could heal ourselves naturally? What if we would listen to our bodies? What if we didn’t even GET sick?

In 2007 I decided to leave “the research for new cures” (which means new treatments and factory line medicine). I worked for an osteopathic doctor and at an organic farm, learning about herbal and nutritional healing and the connection between the lack of essential nutrients, chronic inflammation and disease. 

​I enrolled in intense life coaching programs for more than six years, took yoga teacher training and started my own health coaching business in 2011.

In 2012 I started to have strange illness symptoms. Despite eating a primarily vegetarian diet, being active and practicing yoga and meditation regularly, my health began to decline. I was chronically tired, had constant pain in my muscles, nerves and joints, mood swings, brain fog, hair loss, heart palpitations and rashes. My skin was hurting at the lightest touch. 


Corry Lang Naturopathic Medicine

Doctors had no idea what was going on.
My bloodwork always came back normal. 

Corry Lang Iridology scientific assessment

Doctors offered antidepressants (which I refused to take) and said “come back in six months”. 


This went on for years. My thyroid was regularly checked (always normal), and I started to think that I was losing my mind. 


In 2017 I was experiencing an emotionally stressful time which led to an extreme flare-up. I couldn’t get out of bed for a week and when I did, I was so weak that I could barely stand. 


After that flare-up, all my symptoms had gotten worse. From then on my brain fog was out of control. The pain in my body kept me up at night. My skin was either burning or itching and nothing brought relief. One time I slept for 30 hours straight, and I gained 40 pounds in three months. (But my thyroid tests still came back normal). 


I could barely work, walk or raise my arms. Friends and family were worried but at the same time not sure if I was “making it up”. One friend told me I could heal this with a "more positive mindset”.


I got really scared. What would all this lead to? Would I have terminal illnesses in the future because of this? I was piling up credit card debt because I wasn't working much. What was going to happen to me? I felt alone and I really needed help. 

After years of dealing with my symptoms, I hit rock bottom. 

My research showed that those symptoms are pretty common and have been known since the 1960s. Not much had been done about them though.. 

One night I sat down to make a decision. I couldn’t continue living like this. I needed to know what was wrong with me and above all how to heal it! Deep down I knew there was a logical reason for all these symptoms. 


I decided to research my symptoms and to give it all I’ve got. I started reading scientific research papers and medical literature. Lo and behold, those symptoms are pretty common and  had been known since the 1960s! Not much had been done about them though (not profitable enough I guess). I read Medical Medium and he gave me hope that what I had was curable. 


What kept coming up in my research was a viral infection and co-factors. I knew it! I KNEW there was a tangible, explainable, underlying reason! And my doctors had never tested for a “virus”.


I got tested and the results came back positive. I asked the doctors if they could help me now that the working theory was a viral infection. They said “we don’t have anything for that”. I decided to keep researching and to find a way to heal myself.

I experimented with herbal protocols (they all helped, to some extent) and was taking a lot of supplements. I was getting a little better but still had massive flare-ups and days of chronic fatigue and pain.

That's when I came across Regenerative Detoxification (link). I learned about biologically appropriate nutrition and how to use herbal medicine to detoxify my organs and body systems from everything that was MAKING me sick (pathogens, toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, acids, toxic mucus..) so that my cells, tissues and organs could finally regenerate and heal!


I studied the method and applied it. 

Corry Lang Iridology Encinitas

And THAT'S when I finally started to heal!
My energy returned, my pain went away,
and my hair started to grow again..

Through my own healing journey, I have become the practitioner I needed by my side back then to help me heal from what was making me sick.

Corry Lang Nutritional Therapy

During my own regenerative detoxification, I followed a primarily fruit-based diet and used herbal remedies to flush out my organs and my lymphatic system. Fruits are the foods with the highest electro-magnetic energy. They are alkalizing and astringent, anti-viral, hydrating and detoxifying. Sometimes I ate up to 80% fruit, my body was craving it! There's a lot to be said for eating on instinct. And I truly believe that's what healed me.

Today, I feel better than I did in my 20s and I no longer have autoimmune symptoms: no more pain, fatigue, brain fog, mood swings or muscle weakness. I lost all the weight I had gained, my hair grew back and is thicker than it's ever been!


I got certified as a Regenerative Detoxification Specialist and Iridologist so I could help others heal as well. In my programs I’ll teach you how. 

True healing is absolutely possible. The body always wants to heal! It's a process (there are no silver bullets or quick hacks), and it requires detoxification and regeneration on all levels - mind, body and emotions.

Our mission is to provide clear, accurate health information and to support women on their healing journey with customized herbal remedies and a strategic detoxification road map based on integrative, evidence based natural medicine. 

Are you ready to take back your power, your health and your life?  

The best investment you can make is in yourself
and in your health. You are worth it!

Common Conditions
I can help you address:

1: Pain (muscles, joints and/or nerves)
2: Chronic fatigue/ low energy
3: Brain fog
4: Hormonal imbalances
5: Mood swings
6: Hair loss
7: Recurring sinus infections
8: Chest pain
9: Heart palpitations
10: Blurred vision
11: Anemia
12: Light sensitivity
13: Canker sores
14: GI issues
15: Rashes
16: Unexplained weight gain

Corry's Affiliations

Corry's coaching skills have earned her recognition by the 
Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.

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"Everything is connected":
Lena Corry Interview 1_9.23.21.png

In this interview with Lena Cebula for her podcast series "Love & BLoved", we discuss true healing on all levels.

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