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Meet Corry

Emotional Health | Yoga | Nutrition

The Mission:


Authentic Life through detoxification and regeneration of mind, body and emotions. Helping clients to release toxicity, and to regenerate on all levels. Assisting humanity to evolve onto the next level of our consciousness and to heal our natural environment and our planet. 

I grew up in the Northwestern part of Germany, in Kerpen near the border to Belgium. My favorite past-time was to take my bicycle across the fields to a nearby farm and to take care of the farmer's horses (he was breeding dressage horses and allowed me to brush his mares and foals and walk them to and from the pasture).

Horses, nature and animals always made the most sense to me. I studied biological sciences in Cologne and biology in Marburg and worked in scientific research institutes for twelve years, both in Germany and in the United States. In 2002 I moved from Munich in Germany to San Diego. I loved living in Southern California, going surfing almost daily and taking pictures of beautiful beaches, but I was feeling unfulfilled. I wasn’t making the difference I wanted to make and felt I had chosen the wrong career path. At that time, I wasn’t confident enough to leave my field and stable research job and to look for my authentic purpose and a place where I could truly make a difference.

I was working in research labs where in my opinion we were putting the cart before the horse. I always thought that there was another solution to the big “diseases of civilization” (cancer, heart-disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, depression, Alzheimer’s ...). What if we didn’t even GET sick? How much pain and loss could we avert, how much money and resources could we save, if we knew how to PREVENT disease? If we would listen to our bodies?

In 2004 I took the Landmark Forum which finally taught me the tools to change. I found the courage to be true to myself, to listen to my intuition and to follow my passions. I decided to leave “the research for new cures” (which means new treatments and factory line medicine) and to work in disease prevention instead. I worked for an osteopathic doctor and at an organic farm, learning about herbal and nutritional healing and the connection between the lack of essential nutrients, chronic inflammation and disease. 

During that time, I decided to become a life coach myself and help others. I enrolled in intense coaching programs for more than six years, took yoga teacher training and started my own coaching business in 2011.

Then I started to have another problem, this time physical: Following the death of my stepmother and my Dad’s onset of dementia and his much-needed transition into a nursing home, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I got sick and wasn’t recovering. I was having intense symptoms like chronic fatigue, heart arrythmia, massive brain fog to the point of memory loss, excruciating nerve and joint pain all over my body, hypothyroidism, … This was going on for almost a year and getting progressively worse. None of the doctors I saw could figure it out (my blood tests were always normal). I was exhausted and started to lose hope.

A friend suggested I read Anthony William’s book “Medical Medium”. On page two I felt “heard” for the first time in almost a year. I recognized my symptoms and got myself tested for the Epstein-Barr virus. The results were through the roof and I finally knew what was wrong with me. After experimenting with some herbal and nutritional healing protocols, I was starting to feel better within only a couple of weeks. I was so relieved! For the first time in about a year I was starting to have some energy again! 

For a few months I was feeling progressively better – and then I plateaued. For another nine months or so my healing was at a standstill. The hypothyroidism (from the virus attacking my thyroid) had caused me to gain about 40 pounds in four months. I was still experiencing bouts of chronic fatigue and nerve pain, and I didn’t know what was missing in my healing journey. At that point I came across Dr. Robert Morse’s teachings and learned about truly detoxing an overloaded lymphatic system. I went on a mostly fruitarian diet and another herbal detox which flushed out my lymphatic system. It had been trying to eliminate the virus and its toxic byproducts for so long and was clogged with acidity and toxicity.


After that I was finally healing all the way. I now feel like I used to before I got sick. Energized, balanced, confident, strong and pain-free. (And I shed the 40 pounds and a few more.) 

I decided to study regenerative detoxification with Dr. Morse and got certified. I also studied iridology as a way to observe changes in organ health and body systems and recently got certified. 

I am offering Nutritional Therapy for anyone with similar symptoms, to teach them everything I have learned on my own healing journey and to help them heal faster than I did, without delays and detours.*

Body and mind are connected. My coaching approach is detoxification and regeneration on all levels - mind, body and emotions.

There clearly is a connection between a disempowered mind (negative thoughts and emotions), and physical or mental disease. “Dis-ease” (the body or mind is not at ease, not balanced) first shows up on the mental and psycho-emotional levels, long before there are any physical symptoms. Negative thoughts, suppressed emotions, self-sabotaging habits, poor quality foods/the “Standard American diet”, toxins, pesticides and other chemicals in our living spaces and the environment … all this causes acidosis and toxicity. Lack of exercise, of meaningful relationships, and of connectedness with “Source” and one’s higher Self are some of the life-style choices that lead to imbalances in the body and oxidative stress in our cells and can cause disease. Self-sabotaging and self-destructive habits start in the mind. Our minds can and do literally make us sick!

I believe we’ve reached a critical point in our history. We have lived on the Earth like an invasive species, taking too much and not returning enough. We’re collectively living a non-sustainable life style, disconnected from nature. The level of pain and toxicity is so high that we are about to miss our turnaround point – in a few years our negative impact on the Earth will be made irreversible. We need a paradigm shift in how we relate to the Earth and to each other. My mission is to assist with that and to help humanity evolve onto the next level of our consciousness - to heal ourselves and our planet.


It is my greatest passion and joy to teach others the tools to free themselves of toxic baggage, pain and negative beliefs, and to help them create a life based on integrity, true health and authentic purpose.

To your Authentic Life!
Corry Lang 

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and the herbal products and/or any of my services are not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease".

Corry, age 5, and her Mom in Germany

Mom and I in Germany.

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Closer to Heaven - a fictional story based on ten Yogic, Buddhist and Life Coaching principles. An entertaining and enlightening read, available here.
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I got interviewed by the fabulous Lena Cebula for her podcast series "Love & BLoved". In this interview "Everything is connected" we discuss true healing on all levels, even of chronic conditions that Western medicine has not been able to alleviate. Please find the podcast here:

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