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Helping women to determine the underlying root causes of their seemingly “incurable”
illness (fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, autoimmune or "mystery" illness),
and guiding them to 
detoxify and heal themselves so they can
start living againwithout pain, fatigue and pharmaceuticals.

In our Detoxify to Heal programs:


- We get to the bottom of what's MAKING you sick, in a scientific, measurable way (through bloodwork, a full health assessment, and a comprehensive iris reading).

- You will eliminate pathogens, neurotoxins, heavy metals, parasites, toxic mucus, acidity and chronic inflammation - which will allow your cells, tissues and organs to regenerate and heal!

- We will use a proven step-by-step system and roadmap so you'll know exactly how and when to take each step and don't ever have to wonder what comes next.

- You will get customized herbal protocols, healthy recipes and an easy to follow nutrition plan. The herbal remedies we are going to use are powerful plant medicine, tested and improved for 40+ years by one of the Naturopathic Doctors I studied with.

- You will have weekly one-on-one sessions with me, guidance and a lot of support, including mental and emotional health coaching, meditations for healing and stress relief and a gentle, weekly Zoom Yoga class (optional).

- You will learn to step into the role of your own healer. You will never have to be afraid of getting sick again. Once you understand how true healing works, you will be able to heal yourself - and your family - for the rest of your life.

What Our Clients Are Saying

200% improvement in energy and pain levels (after having lupus for 40 years)

Susan R.

"Huge change! Feeling like my old
self again!"

Magda D.

About Corry


Corry is a certified Regenerative Detoxification specialist and Iridologist with a background in scientific research, nutrition and herbal medicine.


She helps women to determine the underlying root causes of their seemingly “incurable” illness (fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, autoimmune or "mystery" illness), and guides them to detoxify and heal themselves so they can start living again without pain, fatigue and pharmaceuticals. 


She healed herself from debilitating lupus, fibromyalgia and Hashimoto's symptoms, and guides and empowers her clients with an informed and strategic approach to taking back their health.

Women are either getting little information and no solutions from their healthcare providers, or a lot of unreliable information about their symptoms on the internet.


Corry's mission is to provide clear, accurate health information and to support women on their healing journey with customized herbal remedies and a strategic detoxification road map based on integrative, evidence based natural medicine. 

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