Good News!

Dear Friends, I know it's been a while. A lot has happened since my last blog article. Some transformational work has been done and I want to share some of those successes with you - my hope is that it may brighten your day and inspire you!

First of all: The book is done!

For those of you who didn't know yet, I finished writing a 120-page novel, based on ten Buddhist, Yogic and Life Coaching principles. It's pretty much the principles I teach my coaching clients to complete their past and living a powerful, created life. The story is mainly a dialog between two friends and the first pre-reviews have been trickling in. I am blown away by how well this story has been received and according to my "test readers" it's an entertaining and enlightening read, hard to put down and applicable to daily life. I am currently in the process of getting it published on Amazon and - fingers crossed - finding a traditional publisher. Secondly: Last year I was dealing with a bunch of pretty hefty health issues. It turned out that my chronic fatigue and debilitating nerve pain was caused by the Epstein-Barr-Virus. (I recommend Anthony Weiss' book "Medical Medium" if you are dealing with a "mystery illness" or any kind of "auto-immune" disease. Reading this book convinced me to go get checked for EBV - after my doctors couldn't figure it out - and it offers a number of powerful healing protocols.) Pharmaceuticals don't cure anything. They only suppress the symptoms and can have heavy side effects. The real healing takes more work (than just popping pills) and the willingness to be responsible for your own health. That also restores the balance in the body which leads to true and permanent healing. After researching the EBV and having talked to a number of other people with chronic fatigue, "unspecified" pain and other random symptoms, I am clear that the EBV is much more widely spread - as well as un- or misdiagnosed - as we are all aware of. Medical doctors doesn't really have a handle on it yet, often doesn't even know how to read the results of the blood test correctly. If you have any questions about this please contact me, I'm happy to help. I know how debilitating this was for me. It was also the reason for me to "go dark" for a while... But I cured myself, I feel good again and I'm back with lots of energy! Thirdly, as you can see: new logo, new website and new niche: I honed in more on young(er) people with my coaching who have trouble navigating through this world with its conflicting messages. Especially girls and young women really benefit from this kind of coaching guidance. It helps them to build self-esteem and confidence and they learn to trust themselves and their own power. And in the process they learn to empower others! We are on the brink of leaving the patriarchy behind and building communities around women leaders again (that's how we used to live at the dawn of humanity and some groups/tribes/family bands all over the globe still do it - successfully - to this day. So those are my good news! I'm taking on new coaching clients, also teaching more yoga and offering rewards for referring clients. Please inquire and at the same time let me know how you have been doing and what's new and exciting in your life! Much love, Corry Lang