How to authentically let things go - in 3 easy steps

Sometimes we get overburdened with life. A lot of people, especially women, tend to please the people in their lives first, and take care of their owns needs after. This can get really overwhelming after a while. Setting boundaries is not only healthy, it is also necessary. Sometimes we outgrow a relationship or a job. And sometimes it’s simply time to move on from something – or in the case of a relationship – someone who limits us, or who feels limited by us. Holding on too long to the job, place, or relationship then only causes pain. Change and release is often, if not always, meant to be for our highest good. But typically it’s not an easy feat to let go, especially if we are comfortable in our discomfort. It takes courage and strength to move on from a situation or relationship that we have outgrown. So how do we really let things go? 1) Get clear on what you want. What kind of job/employment/business do you want to spend your valuable time on, what kind of people or team do you want to be working with, or what do you desire and need from a relationship? Meditate on that and get really clear on what you want in your life. 2) Make a decision to move forward, and allow yourself to grieve. If what you currently have in your life does not match what you envision for yourself, and there is no way or willingness to transform it (and that usually takes two) make the decision to let it go. I’m a huge fan of transformation and I believe that ANY relationship can be transformed. But when the other person is unwilling, or when the (divine) timing is off, it would be best to leave on good terms, and maybe revisit the relationship at a different time when growth has happened for both partners. 3) Focus your time and energy on what you want in life, and choose activities and relationships that move you toward those things and people. Allow yourself to form new habits to feel good and alive each day. As you spend more and more time and energy on the things and people that help you move toward your new goals, you automatically raise your vibration, attracting the situations and people of the same higher vibration. What is meant to be with your on your higher path will organically come to you, while those who limit you or simply aren’t on the same higher vibration will fall away, without you feeling guilty. Letting something go can be a liberating and exhilarating process! You will notice the immediate surge in energy and power because you altered your predictable future and started taking a stand for the things you REALLY want in your life.

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