3 simple steps to create success - in any area of your life.

If you’re working hard to reach your goals, but you feel like you aren’t where you want to be, it could be time to regroup and rethink your strategies. Success is a journey, and the experience of getting to your goal is the real reward! Being successful is kind of like a system. Once you know the program, you can put it into practice and apply it to every aspect of your life including career, relationships, weight loss, finances… Here are 3 simple steps to create success in every area of your life. Step 1: Create a crystal clear vision of what you WANT in your life. What do you want? Is it that 6-figure income in your business, the promotion at your job, a happier and more fulfilled relationship/marriage, losing weight, creating a financial safety net for retirement, climbing a really high mountain… What is it that you really want? Write out your "perfect life vision" and make it JUICY. What does it look, smell, feel, sound, taste like? Spend some time on that, meditate on it.. Give yourself permission to dream up a perfect life vision. Spend a few minutes in meditation every morning and read your perfect life vision to yourself. Begin feeling what it would be like to LIVE it. Emotionalize it and be grateful for having attained it already! (Re-hashing the Law of Attraction HERE) Step 2: Identify the blocks that have been holding you back. Pretty much all of our blocks originate from emotional trauma in our early childhood. We make decisions about ourselves between the ages of 4 and 21 and stick to those decisions like they are the truth! (News flash: they are NOT the truth,only an outdated belief system made up by a 7-year old ;-). It would be wise to look at those young decisions you made with compassion and self-care (after all, you were only a child). What happened, and what did you make it mean about yourself? (Call me if you need support with that). The most typical conversations lead to: I am not (good, smart, pretty, strong…) enough. Time to let that go don’t you think? Let it go. Who are you really? What are your accomplishments so far? Make a list. See yourself with the eyes of a benevolent stranger and see how good, (smart, pretty, strong…) you REALLY are. Step 3: Create strategies and actions to move you toward your perfect life vision. What steps would someone who had attracted that 6-figure income (the promotion, the happier and more fulfilled relationship/marriage, the weight loss, the really high mountain…) have to take? What actions will YOU have to take now? Get into the mindset of having already reached your goal, and see what steps you now have to take – and then take at least one of those steps right now! As always, I offer FREE first consultations/strategy sessions. They are 20 minutes long, can happen over the phone or in person and there are no strings attached! My passion and mission is to help humanity evolve onto the next level of our consciousness so that we heal our emotions and subsequently our planet. What would your life be like if you could manifest your perfect life vision NOW? To your Authentic health and success!

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