Yes we CAN cure cancer (and depression, and other dis-eases)!

This is going to be a short blog. I really just want to introduce you to two phenomenal people who were sick and took their healing into their own hands. Now they are well and thriving and helping others by showing them exactly what THEY did to get well. If you have an awful disease like cancer (Chris) or depression (Leah) please read this and review the links. And forward this information to anyone you think might benefit from it. I don’t gain from this financially. I am just so inspired by those two individuals who – among others – did not want to listen to conventional, factory medicine doctors and took responsibility for their own healing. It took them lots of research and trying things out, combining different methods, and they found a way that worked for them and works for others. I would never suggest anyone does NOT get conventional medical treatment! Just be aware that our conventional cancer fighting industry does not have the cure for cancer. As sad as this may sound, there is a multi-billion dollar market behind that industry and the ferocity with which those doctors seem to oppose integrative and holistic approaches (they work!) led me to think a long time ago that there is a lot more at stake than just the patient’s healing. Everyone can decide that for themselves. I just want to give you more options and more knowledge, through these two brave individuals (and there are many more…) who truly forged a way. Not just for themselves, but for others as well. 1) Meet Chris Wark who survived stage 3 colon cancer by changing his diet, his mindset and his whole approach to life. Chris offers a video series (the first module is free!) in which he talks step by step about how he cured himself of this progressive cancer. Read more here (his blog), and here (this link will lead you to his video series) 2) My personal friend Leah Oviedo has been battling depression for most of her life. She just published a book she wrote on her healing process and she hosts a weekly, free of charge depression support group in downtown San Diego! (Please contact me for more information). I truly admire anyone who turned an awful disease into something so productive and powerful, for the benefit of all of us! I hope you will find this information valuable. I know I have. To YOUR Authentic health and success! With love, Corry Lang

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