Ahimsa (the Sanskrit writing in the center of the opening lotus flower of my banner) is usually translated as “non-violence in word and deed”. It also means “sincere compassion and love for all creation.

     Ahimsa is the first of the eight Yogic ethical precepts, the Yamas and Niyamas, which constitute Patanjali’s first and second limbs of yoga.

I decided to unite my life-coaching and yoga-teaching skills, as well as my knowledge of  wholefood nutrition into one concept: Disease Prevention on all levels.

     The goal of Authentic Life is to teach and support others to live a compassionate lifestyle, honoring themselves and others on all levels - body, mind and spirit - and thus preventing dis-ease on all levels.

     We achieve this by working on the mind and psycho-emotional levels (that’s typically where illness starts, long before there are any symptoms on the physical level) with powerful life and emotional health coaching tools that remove subconscious blocks like suppressed or unresolved emotions. This is sometimes enough to initiate a hormonal healing response in the body and to turn a beginning illness around.

     We work on the physical levels through yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation, as well as with wholefood nutritional advice and herbal support. Some of the herbs I choose to work with are nutrient dense rain forest botanicals from Peru and collected by local, native tribes.

     We work on our spiritual connection through yoga and meditation. 

     The ultimate goal is to encourage and ensure the connection with our Authentic selves and our higher purpose. We are all striving for that connection, for the feeling that we are “coming home”, to live authentically, being fully aligned with our purpose and what we really came here to do. My passion is to help humanity evolve onto the next level of our consciousness, one human at a time.

     Corry Lang - Authentic Life coaches you to live the life you were meant to live. Healthy, energetic and full of vitality, fully self-expressed, connected, successful, compassionate for self and others and passionately embracing life!

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