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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." 

Thomas Edison

Regenerative Detoxification 



Robert Morse, Pioneer of Regenerative Detoxification, International School of Detoxification:

"Most people fear disease because they do not understand its causes. Medical doctors make diseases appear so complicated that the average person thinks only a trained medical specialist can help them. This is not true. To understand disease symptoms is simply to understand acidity and toxicity and how the body responds to these conditions. In understanding this, you will see that disease is a natural process - the outcome of imbalanced decisions and actions.


Almost all tissue failure begins with acidosis and toxicity. As tissue fails, or becomes congested, disease symptoms begin. We commonly and mistakenly call symptoms of acidosis and toxicity “disease” and attempt to treat the symptoms with suppressive drugs. This is not only foolish, but also deadly because this eventually causes tissue failure, leading to tissue death. Never treat the symptoms; cure the cause. 


Treatment never cures. Don’t treat, regenerate. It’s our only hope of survival. Simply remove the inflammation throughout your body by detoxification. Detoxify yourself of all the chemicals, unnecessary mucus, toxic heavy metals, unnecessary parasites and acids. A clean and alkaline body is a healthy and strong body."

No more inflammation and chronic pain

Only one word to describe my Iridology reading with Ms. Lang ... AMAZING! I've always been told "Your eyes are the windows to your soul." It's so true! When I went in for my iris reading, I wasn't sure how much was going to be exposed. Let me tell you! Wow! Ms. Lang told me exactly how I was feeling that day. I was having inflammation, aches and pains. I had glaucoma in my left eye, which a retina specialist had diagnosed me with. Ms. Lang could see it all, through my eyes! She assessed me with a "genetic hormonal iris". My primary care doctor had diagnosed me with a hormonal imbalance about two years before.

Both my optometrist and my physician never showed me nor wanted to discuss diet, nor what I could do to improve my wellbeing. They would say "We don't know the underlying cause." 

Ms. Lang will not only give you an eye-opening experience, she will teach and guide you through. I've changed my diet to a Mediterranean/vegan diet. I practice my Yoga and take herbal formulas and teas. I feel like I’m 20 again! Ten times better! I don't have inflammation taking over my body and preventing me from moving and living an active life.“ 

-- Yesenia Z., Restaurant Owner

What is Nutritional Therapy?


Less than 15% of physician visits include nutritional counseling. With more chronic disease and ailments originating from nutritional deficiencies than ever before, our healthcare climate is in dire need of an alternative solution. 


Nutritional Therapy takes a foundational, holistic approach to wellness that focuses on the importance of a nutrient-dense, whole food diet paired with a balanced lifestyle and supplements*. It values the body’s own feedback system and its incredible capacity to restore and correct itself — when given the tools and nutrients to do so.


Nutritional therapy addresses three broad categories of “disease”: allergies, toxic overload and nutritional deficiency, and is complementary with naturopathy, homeopathy and other forms of alternative healthcare. 


Nutritionists who adhere to the alternative philosophy of diet generally believe there are certain foods and dietary exposures that should be minimized if not eliminated in their entirety. They believe that many of modern society’s health problems result from weaknesses in the body’s physiological foundations brought on by poor nutrition.



What is Regenerative Detoxification?


Regenerative Detoxification, pioneered by Robert Morse (International School of Detoxification), takes Nutritional Therapy one step further. While we do believe in the same nutritional approaches, we work entirely with whole-food nutrition and botanical medicine. We don’t use *supplements which are often synthetic isolates, made in a lab and not recognized by the body (the body actually eliminates those as waste, opposed to using them for nutritional deficiencies) (source).

The main aspect of Regenerative Detoxification is cleansing and detoxifying the organs and body systems from acids, toxins and pesticides, and starting the process of cellular regeneration that leads to true healing. 


The lymphatic system is the “sewer system” of the body and also what can be understood as the body’s immune system. For most people, it is more or less congested and unable to fully eliminate cellular and metabolic wastes (acids), toxic chemicals and metals that have been ingested.


We are chronically dehydrated (source)Our choice of acidic foods (which is pretty much everything the Standard American Diet has to “offer”), toxins, pesticides and stress make our body systems acidic which often leads to systemic acidosis, toxicity, chronic inflammation and a host of “diseases” down the road. A congested lymphatic system is where ninety percent of all disease processes begin.

Regenerative Detoxification is the practice of detoxifying, cleansing and regenerating organs and body systems. We believe that cells, tissues and organs will heal and regenerate when they have been cleansed and detoxified. 


What is Iridology?


Iridology is a method to assess one’s state of health by specific colors, marks and signs in the iris of the eyes as well as the pupil and sclera. The iris of the eye is a map where each place represents a different organ or system.

In Iridology we apply "holistic health". We view the body as a whole rather than only as specific parts. Our cells, organs and body systems interact together, not separately. When one organ is not functioning well, the whole body is affected.

Iridology generally reveals the state of the organs and body systems but not any particular disease. While specialized modern medicine often focuses on a specific area and the root of the problem remains, Iridologists view the body holistically - they don't treat just a symptom - and tackle the root of the problem.

Ignatz von Peczely (physician, born 1826 in Hungary) is known as the father of iridology. As a child, he accidentally broke an owl's leg. He observed that a black line formed in the owl's lower iris at the time of the injury. After the owl's leg healed, the young von Peczely noted that the black streak had changed appearance. Later as a physician, he treated a patient with a broken leg in whose eye he observed a black streak in the same location as on the injured owl's iris. Von Peczely became intrigued by the possibility of a connection between diseases and eye markings. After several decades of comparative study, he published his theories in his first book in 1881.


More info for your reading pleasure:


Studies show that a lack of nutrients and the presence of toxins and free radicals in our bodies lead to toxicity and acidosis which can lead to chronic inflammation, and is the real root cause of disease in the body.

Many people suffer from chronic inflammation on one level or another. Besides the obvious culprits like pesticides and other toxins that we ingest with our foods, water and air, emotional and mental stress, household chemicals and the use of pharmaceuticals also lead to toxicity in the body and can over time cause symptoms of dis-ease.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) with its processed food items, high-fructose corn syrup, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and food additives contributes highly to food allergies and auto-immune diseases. One in every 21 Americans is now allergic to gluten (a lot more are sensitive to it). Today’s wheat is not the same wheat we used to consume 60 years ago. Read more here: And here: 

In 2018, patients spent a staggering $344 billion dollars on prescription drugs in the United States (source: IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics). Between 30 and 60 pain pills (usually opioids) are given per surgery - to keep the patient "comfortable" (source: NPR). Inflammation and pain is the driving force behind many of the best selling drugs in the world. Many of these medications can be avoided by eating super foods and herbs, by exercising and developing a positive mindset – by cleansing, nourishing and balancing the mind and the body.

Drugs for pain are a leading cause for accidental death and addiction and are often avoidable. There are plenty of natural foods and herbs that reduce inflammation, eliminate physical and emotional pain, and reduce oxidative stress – without the need for pharmaceuticals which are acidic and add more toxicity to our bodies.

I work with organic or carefully wild-crafted (no chemicals or fillers added), whole-plant herbal products. Some of those nutrient-dense herbs are picked by Indigenous tribes in South America's rain forests. These herbal formulas are alkalizing, hydrating and astringent (thus detoxifying) and supply us with high amounts of vital nutrients, antioxidants and electromagnetic energy for detoxification, cleansing and regeneration on all levels.* 

(*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA and the herbal formulas and/or any of my services are not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease".)

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