What it's like to work with me

Increased mobility and energy, significant reduction of chronic pain.

Tiffany West - Speaker, Coach

Complete relief from life-long eczema.

Candace Coderre - Yoga Studio owner

Significant reduction of migraines & medications, healed liver, increased energy.

Mara Palermo - Hypnotherapist
& Success Coach

Lung recovered and full mobility in foot for the first time after nerve injury ten years ago.

Molly Brown - Mindset Coach

Increased kidney function, lost 9 pounds,
no more skin issues.

Marcy Browe - Branding Photographer

"Huge change! Feeling like my old
self again!"

Magda Dunn - Certified Online Business Manager

Full nerve regrowth & mobility in right foot, right lung recovered after 10-year-old injury


I started working with Corry because I had low energy and I knew there were things that I wanted to detox from. In just a few weeks I got so much better! The first change I noticed was routine daily elimination. After a few weeks I was able to fully curl my toes on the leg where I had nerve damage from a 10-year-old injury. I didn't even know that my toes weren't moving fully but when the inflammation in my body reduced, my nerves started repairing themselves. My energy, agility and athletic performance increased so suddenly that the people I train with commented on it.  


My right lung was not expanding when I breathed in like the left side was, another lingering effect of the 10-year-old injury. After 6 weeks of working with Corry, I inhaled fully into my right lung for the first time in 10 years.


I used to have a constant burning sensation in the muscles around my right ribs but now my ribs are moving as the lung under them is fully functioning again, and the pain has dissolved.


Corry kept in close contact with me through the detox process and helped me pace my diet change and the herbal supplements so I never felt uncomfortable with detox symptoms, and the detox never interfered with my normal life.  She also led me through guided meditation sessions throughout the detox which helped me reconnect with my body.  


As a result of being injured I had detached from my body in order to push through pain every day. The meditations I had done before meeting Corry was focusing on a mantra or visualizing something, never just being in my body. But Corry led me through a chakra meditation which had me focus on power and energy that I have always had available to me in my body that I was just unaware of. I am very happy I chose to work with Corry and for the healing she helped me bring to my body.

- Molly Brown, Mindset Coach, www.mindset-engineering.com 

Kidney disease stage III reversed. No more eczema, diverticulitis and acid reflux.

"When I started working with Corry, I had just been diagnosed with kidney disease stage III. My kidneys weren’t functioning very well. I was worried about dialysis. And after dialysis there may be a kidney transplant. But now that isn’t a concern for me anymore.

I didn’t have a lot of energy and I was in pain. I used to get tired from doing yoga, or from walking. I have a lot more energy now. I can exercise and not feel tired.

I don't have any more eczema, acid reflux and diverticulitis. Since I was a child, I had irritable bowel disease. I had to wear a sanitary pad at all times plus always had to know where the nearest restroom was in case I had diarrhea. All that has stopped now.

I've had high blood pressure since I was in my forties. That has changed too since I started working with Corry. My husband said that the transformation has been amazing because I'm so much happier. I'm smiling more. My whole demeanor has improved. I've got new hair growth and my nails are in better condition. And I have lost about 17 pounds. My husband wants to detox now too. I would recommend to anyone that they work with Corry." 

- Trish Y., Real Estate Agent


No more high blood pressure, low energy, heart palpitations

and high toxicity.

"My blood pressure was really high, I had no energy, was feeling bloated, was experiencing heart palpitations and feeling crappy overall. After only a couple of weeks of nutritional therapy and regenerative detox with Corry I have lost 6 healthy pounds, my blood pressure has come down, and my gut feels and looks flatter. I have more energy and my skin looks better too. I feel so much better. 

I have placed a lot on Ms. Lang's plate as I have A LOT of health issues, but she has proven that anything is possible. This coach sure knows her stuff!! What a talented, inspirational and intelligent woman. I am so grateful to have her in my life and how she just genuinely cares."  

- Lydia G., Office Manager

No more inflammation and chronic pain

“Only one word to describe my Iridology reading with Ms. Lang ... AMAZING! I've always been told "Your eyes are the windows to your soul." It's so true! When I went in for my iris reading, I wasn't sure how much was going to be exposed. Let me tell you! Wow! Ms. Lang told me exactly how I was feeling that day. I was having inflammation, aches and pains. I had glaucoma in my left eye, which a retina specialist had diagnosed me with. Ms. Lang could see it all, through my eyes! She assessed me with a "genetic hormonal iris". My primary care doctor had diagnosed me with a hormonal imbalance about two years before.

Both my optometrist and my physician never showed me nor wanted to discuss diet, nor what I could do to improve my wellbeing. They would say "We don't know the underlying cause." 

Ms. Lang will not only give you an eye-opening experience, she will teach and guide you through. I've changed my diet to a Mediterranean/vegan diet. I practice my Yoga and take herbal formulas and teas. I feel like I’m 20 again! Ten times better! I don't have inflammation taking over my body and preventing me from moving and living an active life.“ 

- Yesenia Z., Restaurant Owner

No more chronic pain or lack of energy

"I was really impressed with Corry's iridology reading of my eyes. I was skeptical a first but when she pointed out problem areas in my body that I had known about for a while (like an old rotator cuff injury) I was thoroughly impressed. It seems that iridology is an intricate and thorough system that even picks up on old injuries! I could confirm many of the details she pointed out to me. The nutritional advise she gave me was helpful too. I changed my diet, stopped eating some inflammatory foods and added more nutritious items and have been feeling a lot better since then. I have less pain in my body and more energy." 

- Mark S, Musician & Producer

Adrenal fatigue, anxiety and depression - reversed

"I've been taking the herbal products that Corry Lang recommended to me and they have helped me immensely. Even more importantly was the very knowledgeable consultation that Corry gave me about what was causing my symptoms (anxiety, couldn't sleep at night, stress during the day), like adrenal fatigue and emotional stress. I had gone to the doctor and got prescribed anti-anxiety medications and anti-depressants and I definitely didn't want to take those. I looked up the side effects of the drugs that I would have been taking. I never took them, and I started taking the herbs Corry recommended to me, and I am a lot happier person. Thank you Corry." 

- David D., Real Estate Agent

Disclaimer: Your level of success in attaining to heal yourself depends on several factors, such as your motivation, commitment, and actions. Since these factors differ depending on each individual I cannot guarantee your success, nor am I responsible for any of
your actions. Results may vary. All sales are final.